Thursday, December 05, 2013

you're the Man now...

misogyny and affirmation of patriachy come in hues so varied that sometimes you can't even tell its there, and sometimes it is so brutally in your face that you're left gasping in shock at it..
i could write reams about the recent incidents of "harassment" at workplace that happened in the much venerated halls of teh judiciary and the media.. but enough newsprint has already been spent on it.. my concern is with a little more insidious and "oh its a joke" kind...
has anyone seen the new Park Avenue perfume advertisement? the one which shows a guy 'marking his territory' like an animal?? THAT ladies and gentlemen is what has my hackles rising..

since i'm writing on a computer where youtube is blocked, i'm gonna have to write down the story sequence of the ad..
there is a woman siting at a bar
a guy approaches, tries to chat her up
another guy, presumably a husband or boyfriend, all dolled up in a nice suit and gelled back hair, sprays his Park Avenue perfume on the bar stool beside her, and says "my territory"
Guy 1 tries to pick up her drink, Guy 2 sprays on that too, staking his claim
finally, guy 2 sprays the perfume on and around the girl, saying 'all mine' as he does so...
the girl? oh she's staring vapidly at the two men as if she has no b%^$ idea whats going on..
the ad ends with the tagline of "real men mark their territory with their scent"


what exactly is this ad trying to show?? men are animals? women are to be 'protected'? or simply that people in whatever ad firm that thought this up have zero respect for women or men for that matter..??
mark your territory??
so you're a dog or something that needs to piss on things to feel like the master of the domain?? the woman is "territory" with no brains or tongue of her own?

civilization and civility demands that we learn to respect people as People, as individual persons, and here we have an Ad that not only reduces a woman to an object with no mind of her own, you also have an ad that suggests that even the well heeled, (hopefully) educated upper class men have to behave like anmals and disrespect their partner if they want to "be Men.'

its one of the worst, most brainlessly put together ads I have seen in recent memory... 


khurshidzafar said...

I understand and second your indignation at the social message it may be sending. Ignoring the fact that at our most basic selves this is exactly how we act - like our more animalistic predecessors - more often than we'd like, and definitely more often than we should.

It is unfortunate that stereotypes such as this still persist. And truth be told, they are far more dangerous when dealt with in such a jovial or joking manner, because thats how people who don't know better (now more often than not in this case people say "young people", but the internalization of such values is not restricted to them alone) start to internalize such social values without realizing they are picking up negative habits/views.

But I do want to add - values such as these cut both ways - its not just the women who should be indignant that they are characterized as such "dear-in-the-headlights" prey, but also men who don't accept that they must be the tough "hunters" in order to "attract desirable mates". Frankly, while I do like to pick my cologne carefully, and only stick with something I personally like (though whether that girl you have a crush on likes your "scent" can be/is a determinative factor), I don't want it to be the sole reason I "get a girl".

P.S. How have I never heard you lash out at Axe ads if this bothers you?

anne said...

U haven't heard me rant at Axe ads coz there's rarely ever tv around when we're hanging out, and I just got over irritated at this "my territory" routine in this ad..

as hypocritical it may be.. i cannot deny that scent is a factor in physical attraction.. AND i will have to accept that at a basic level its our hormones that rule us all, but the animalistic territorialism is what i couldn't the way they portrayed that woman reallllly pissed me off..