Friday, October 19, 2012

if i lay here.. would you lie with me and just forget the world..

if I were in a better mood, I’d look at that picture of the skinny young man sitting on a bench outside a staircase and that picture of the girl rushing down a stairwell as eager young lovers flying past the centimeters that lie between them and the seconds that it will take for them to be together
if I were in a more fluffy pink clouds and hearts and roses mood I’d see the bunching of her thigh muscles as she takes the stairs two- three a a time to run towards the light and the warmth of love, I’d see the eager anticipation of his wringing hands as he breathes in and out as her footsteps come closer
were I in a mood to wish upon stars and dream of happily ever afters I’d paint a picture of what happens at the end of the frames before me, when the eager young lovers finally see each other and embrace and kiss and drown in their euphoria of finally being reunited, even if they’d only separated for the length of time it may have taken her to fetch her bag from her room upstairs before they sneak out of the college hostel and go for that walk they have been thinking about.. the moment where they are away proclaiming their love to the world by writing their conjoined names in trees and in the sand and shouting from the rooftops and telling all and sundry how in love and how happy they are..

but I’m not…
hearts and flowers and shiny fluffy clouds and gamboling puppies and young love isn’t what I see here..
I see a man hunched over in defeat, I see a car that hasn’t seen its young owners come inside to drive around and kiss in,  I see an empty room and a lover waiting for someone who will not come.. and I see  a girl walking down the stairs, away from the darkness that is the house in all its suffocating glory, towards the light of the outside world, an escape…