Thursday, June 07, 2012

And the truth shall set you free

it doesn't.
it traps you in a maelstrom of emotions, makes you too weak to face reality. because truth of emotions and True reality are different things.
yes i feel
yes i am a living breathing FEELING person
but my feelings aren't what keep me alive and functioning
they're the one thing that block functioning
they're the one reason i wake up screaming at an empty room and require someone to soothe me to sleep
they are the one reason my floor sees as many tears as my pillows
they are the reason that i fear hugs from friends just as i fear the eyes of strangers
they're the one reason i prefer to hide behind silent black and white rather than face the colours and sounds that  make up the world outside of the safety nest.

you want the truth?
the truth is that a broken mirror cannot show a single image. what it shows is distorted sections or multiple images.
the truth is that when you think of as many as six impossible things before breakfast, then you must remember that you aren't in Underland and they won't come true.