Monday, March 26, 2012

yes i'm addicted to mills & boon but Titanic spoiled me for all other romances :)

The feeling that you can dance and be happy and just completely leave who you were and who you had to be just because you had someone to indulge that madness in you...
The feeling of utter freedom as you stand at the edge, with a person you trust right beside you...
The feeling of absolute sensuousness when you lie back and have THAT person just look at you with absolute fascination in their eyes....
the feeling of hope, when you're almost dying and someone tells you to hold on for them....
the feeling of strength when you have someone stand beside you and tell you that you can escape the shackles that bind you......
the feeling of wonder at the panorama of life that opens up in front of you, because you finally opened your eyes to look.......

and not to mention the gorgeousness of the blue eyes and golden hair that was Leonardo Di Caprio all those years ago...


Saturday, March 03, 2012

lets talk about Sex baby...

how does one define 'morality'?
doesn't public morality change practically with every generation? even with every new development?

whats 'natural' and whats 'unnatural'? or the even vaguer 'NORMAL'? when you have 7 billion people on the planet, and several million ways of doing things, then what defines 'normal'?

is it 'normal' to hate someone just because they do things differently, even when what they do is not affecting anyone at all?
why is it 'normal' to look down upon half the population because they weren't born into the right family or community or gender?
how is it 'normal' to live in fear and cover up when one steps out or lie about one's family or sexual preference to protect oneself?
how is it 'normal' to conform at the point of a sword, literally being killed for not following social diktats?

just yesterday, Fali S. Nariman stood up for the rights of Homosexuals in court and stated that
things had changed so much in recent years that family planning and population control now find a place in the Constitution. “What are the petitioners moralising about? In 1860, the thoughts that prevailed were of a different kind. We live in different times. We have to move with the times.”
(the Hindu March 2, 2012)

but then, he made a statement that completely perplexes me..

"any homosexual act may be unnatural but not against the order of nature"

what IS this 'natural' and 'unnatural' in today's context anyway?
Victorian England was of the opinion that sex was simply for procreation and therefore 'unnatural sex' was the sort that did not fall within the boundaries of sex for procreation between a man and a woman. but in that era, Sex per se was not something that was 'allowed' by polite society.. it was hidden away as a 'Baser instinct' and hallowed into a sacred task between man and wife for the furtherance of the species. 

And even THEY knew that this opinion was a load of crap because Sex for pleasure existed way before some church decided to restrict pleasure for the sake of religion.
so why does today's supposedly secular modern society have such a view of sexuality? 

the same country whose population rises by the millions each week keeps sex hidden away as a taboo topic. its a 'we shall not talk about safety or informed decision making because someone somewhere decided that simply banning a topic was enough to ensure that the consequences of the action would be minimised.....

if you don't talk about it, it will go away... but that doesn't happen now, does it?

Sex for pleasure exists, Homosexuality exists, AIDS exists, the ever increasing population EXISTS because people refuse to actually deal with sexuality and safety in a rational manner 
because 'polite society' doesn't talk about it

because apparently, talking about  it makes people want to do it.. because acknowledging the existence of something will make more people "experiment with deviant behavior" and "destroy our ancient culture"

what IS this morality that they're trying to protect????