Sunday, February 26, 2012

Speak now

or forever hold your tongue....

That, i suppose is the gist of a lengthy debate on freedom of expression, censorship and cyber laws that i attended today.
surrounded by several rather well known/notorious/ seriously active activist- blogger- thinkers, i was wondering where a discussion that has all the potential to disintegrate into pure intellectual- political state anti establishment rhetoric will actually go.. While for a bit it did veer into the "the state of affairs is rather depressing" mode, the end result of the conference was actually a strong resolve to involve people and evolve a strategy to ensure that cyberspace atleast remains as free as we can keep it.. Ultimately, it is upto the users of cyberspace to crate as much awareness as possible to ensure their own safety, privacy and freedom to say and write anything and everything they want...

So what IS it that a simple person sitting in some corner of the country do?

  • SPEAK UP.. if there is anyone who is trying to shut down your voice, speak louder.. contact other bloggers, develop a network that will ultimately ensure that if you are unduly harassed then you have backup.
  • NETWORK. create a support system. not just for yourself but also for every other person out there who is after all trying simply to be heard in this cacophonic world.
  • SELF REGULATE. No one else has the right to tell you what to say or not say.. but try and stay away from deliberately insulting anyone or saying things that you would deem offensive if you were talking to friends about. it is quite strange that all discussions about censorship and regulation portray 'government' and 'corporations' as the big bad wolf threatening to huff puff and blow away our right of free speech, but ultimately MOST bloggers will self censor their own posts or comments on their blog with an eye on how their family/society/friends/ sensibilities will react. Ultimately, the government is only policing once "somebody" has deemed something offensive. Even in today's world, it is not so much the threat of the law coming down on our heads but a more sophisticated version of "Log Kya Kahenge" that governs most of one's actions.So please, avoid tension, outrage and possible lawsuits, and refrain from saying things that you wouldn't want said about you without proper proof..

oh and before i forget.. THANK YOU to the Internet Democracy Project and everyone at today's conference for the amazingly informative day 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Make Blog not War!!

sooo... THIS is what i will be doing next weekend :)
lets see how it goes
aaaannd I shall be posting more about this once the event is done.. 
lets see how well the last three years as a law student have taught me..

A Freedom of Expression Training for Bloggers
An initiative of the Internet Democracy Project

Are you a blogger and interested in deepening your understanding of Internet censorship and freedom of expression as they play out in India?
Would you like to know more about the ways in which such issues may affect you directly?
As a blogger, do you see yourself has having an important stake in the freedom of expression debate?

Then this is your chance. The Internet Democracy Project is organising a training on freedom of expression and censorship for bloggers on 25 February 2012. In the course of this day-long program, a mix of short lectures and more interactive sessions will take you through:
-        the history of censorship in India and its current status;
-        the legal framework regarding online censorship and the ways in which it may affect you;
-        debates on difficult questions such as where and how to draw the line where hate speech is concerned;
-        what to do if you are served a legal notice;
-        alternatives to censorship to fight problematic content;
and much more. Throughout the training, we will of course be paying particular attention to how all of this may affect your blog and yourself.

As the training aims to be highly interactive and will draw to a significant extent on participants’ experiences and inputs, there will be space for only fifteen select and experienced bloggers. They will be joined by four trainers: lawyer and law and tech blogger Apar Gupta; documentary film maker Bishakha Datta; literary critic, journalist and blogger Nilanjana Roy; and the Internet Democracy Project's  Anja Kovacs.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

are you still here? i miss you......

What do I know of you? or us…..

Maybe my memory is playing tricks

We used to talk.. did we not??

Of everything and nothing…

or am I mistaken???

The good things and the bad,

the songs in our minds and the nightmares in our souls

Of dreams and our memories,

hopes and desires

What have we lost in all these years?

The words? The voice?

Or have we lost Us……?

Maybe I just don’t remember it right… who knows…….