Sunday, January 22, 2012

you asked me how i felt last night...

so you say i'm not tough enough
and then when i am, i'm heartless
and if i change my mind, i'm frivolous
and if i don't i'm stubborn..
if i take a stand, i don't see other sides
if i do, i'm confused
so what IS it that would be right.....


so i came across this amazing story about a poem describing Radha's anger at Krishna for abandoning her...

love-sex-aur-maafi- OPEN Magazine

I'm glad that in a country full of people who so adore to protest against any piece that in an manner whatsoever criticises a God's divinity, such works exist and are being appreciated...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mills n boon fever

would you marry someone you didn't "love" because your parents chose them for you and you can't come up with any earthly reason except "but I don't think it'll work out" for saying no...???

i'm wondering just what it is that people "see" in an arranged marriage... how does one check for compatibility, common interests, that elusive 'spark' when both are under pressure and performing a role in accordance with society's wishes???

but then, how much do you really know a person even when you've been dating for a while??

 Does that "kissed till their senses swam, and she swooned in his arms" chemistry really exist????
love stories really do generate unrealistic expectations...

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Dignity of Court

I pray for the indulgence of the HONORABLE court and my esteemed colleagues and seniors, but as a woman, I present this case solely from the woman's perspective.

One would imagine the Delhi High Court to be full of well educated, genteel people who twist and turn the interpretations of the Law to suit their clients' interests. However, today I learnt that no matter what you may perceive on seeing the black coat and gown and band, the MAN triumphs over the Gentleman.... Today, 13th January 2012, a Male Advocate of the Delhi High Court first misbehaved with and then slapped a Lady advocate IN court.
there may ofcourse exist numerous variations in the story depending on one's political/gendered/hearsay perspective. the facts on record so far stand thus:

There were two lawyers, one male and one Female present before the Joint Registrar's Court, a crowded room, presenting arguments over a matter.
The gentleman in question jostled against the lady, who told him to stand back.
the gentleman after a heated altercation, put his hand on the lady's chest and pushed her. More than once.
The lady slapped him
the gentleman slapped her in retaliation...

There were several people present in court and the number of slaps and the number of pushes are unclear. There are several versions of this story.

But the facts that each story contains are.
he touched her- she slapped him- he slapped her back.

You would expect any person who accidentally brushes against you to simply apologise and move away. this man didn't. He  got aggressive- he pushed her, touching her Breast in the process. and instead of apologising, shouted at her and slapped her!

the registrar after some efforts to pacify the situation there reported the matter to the Chief Justice of the Delhi High court. the CJ, after hearing both sides and a few other people who were present on the scene held the man in Contempt of Court and punished him. His punishment- Judicial Custody for 7 days and Disbarment for 2 months.

and the High court erupted.
there were many many male lawyers who were outraged at the fact that a lady lawyer had slapped a man in court. several others refused to let a member of the Bar be sent to Jail.
To their credit, there were many more lawyers who felt that the man in question had been sent off lightly after he had compromised the dignity of the Court,

but as of Five PM, the order sending this man to jail had not been passed. There was an active lobby trying to ensure that he didn't go to jail, and there were people questioning the credentials of the Lady in question and dismissing her complaint as false... The Chief Justice was trying to create a compromise wherein the man tendered an apology and the Jail sentence could be dismissed.

 Worse still, elements of regionalism, sexism and communalism had crept in to the discussion.
the Man belongs to Bihar- The woman shouldn't have slapped him

Is THAT what is more important than the fact that a so called officer or the court had seriously misbehaved with a Lady officer of the Court?

A woman has been molested and humiliated in front of colleagues, clients and court officials. And there are people protesting against punishing the Man responsible!
what message does that send out to the men of this country? do whatever you want and just say sorry, all will be forgiven?? or that if you're aggressive enough and shout enough we'll make sure the women shut up and not say a word when you molest them?

EDITED TO ADD------------------------

The advocate concerned was finally sent to Judicial custody for 7 days and disbarred for 2 months.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Most Humbly Prayeth

Today in Court, for the first time in my life, i find myself wondering just what kind of people pass the Bar and get to positions of responsibility and respectability.. The petition by Google and Facebook etc against the Government is being heard in the Delhi High Court and  from today's discussion it seemed rather like some of the court officers were either HIGH or had never in their lives used the Internet.

sample this...

Counsel: your lordship if the state can only tell us where the offending material is available we will make efforts to remove that material"
His Honour: very well counsel, the offending photograph is available on &$^%&.com.
Counsel: your lordship this is merely the name of the website. that is like telling us the picture is in Delhi. If your lordship may be kind enough to tell us the URL we will take steps to block that URL
Opposing counsel: lordship when we give them the website they tell us its not sufficient. what is a URL??? will they only take some steps if some offending pictures of their own family members will pop up on the internet?? we have told them the name of the website, now they should block it!
Every one in Court: huh????????????????????????????????
His Honour: Mr Counsel you must show this Court that you are serious about taking care of offensive content otherwise we will have to become like China and block everything!
Someone in Court: WTF just happened dude!..................

seriously, have these people NEVER used the internet????????

DISCLAIMER: there are almost verbatim transcript of the last few minutes of conversation in the courtroom today.. I most Humbly pray that His Lordship excuse my young self and forbear to sentence me for contempt of court since I found myself unable to stop myself from expressing myself under my constitutionally granted freedom of speech and have nowhere made any remarks which are offensive or disparaging of this court's dignity.  (the opening sentences were inserted by google.. I SWEAR!)

The petition hearings are in open court and i'm just waiting to see what the newspapers write tomorrow about this thing after the beautiful proceedings today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Insomnia.... ;)

there are days when i can't sleep without hearing your voice... there are days when i fall asleep listening to you talk.. and there are days like today when i'm awake half the night and you're out like a light and i really really wanna wake you and have you talk me to sleep but i can't..
i just wish my insomnia didn't act up so much....


i watched a whole bunch of random movies today... courtesy of a fever and cold that kept me home from work... i REALLY should concentrate more on work...

Monday, January 09, 2012

so as everyone with a brain had predicted, the lokpal bill is back to gathering dust...

i haven't written anything on the blog in a very long time.. i havn't even had an opportunity to read the blogs i follow for a while.. blame it all on my technological ignorance because somehow i'd managed to halt my laptop's ability to function... 


There have been many many things i should've written about.. 
As predicted, the lokpal bill is back on the backburner while politicians who pretended to favour the bill have hidden behind issues of caste and representation and 'fairness' ... though i find myself absolutely unable to understand why the question of reservation in a body like this ever came up.. the criteria should be whether the person has any allegations of corruption against them, and have a certain level of education.. and the backbone to stand up and tell powerful people that they are on to them... but what do i know of politics and policy, i'm just a humble student...

The comments made by some "people in power" about what a girl should wear to avoid rape were true gems... now if they could just explain why i'm still getting whistled at when in a salwar kameez and shawl and coat with even my hair covered up because the Delhi winters are murderously cold... i would supposed i "invited" the eve teasing were i strutting around in an LBD, but why would these "decent men" be "enticed" by someone who looks like a bear???? 

the new year has come in and we're all waiting to see if 2012 will actually be the end of the world.. i'm sorta hoping it will because my parents are getting increasingly agitated about my marriage and once i'm done studying i won't have an excuse to stop them from "atleast looking for a suitable boy"... so here's hoping the Mayans were right.. but considering they also thought that people were made of corn i'm not so sure my prayers will get answered... plus the Hindu calendar never ends and being an Indian i'm gonna have to believe that one...

forgive my lack of sunshine and roses... January 2012 has been a bang up month so far...and to top it all off Sachin never got that 100th ton...

i think i'll stay in bed and watch movies till the apocalypse.. oh wait.........