Sunday, February 20, 2011

falling like wickets at a bad cricket match...

i meant to write a nice long post about current events and the news and life n stuff.. (specially since taht anonymous commentor wrote that one was expected from me) i swear i did.. but things are just so weird right now that i need to be all self absorbed and let this nonsense out instead.. I'm FREAKING out!!!
there is this sudden SPATE of weddings around me and seeing every single wicket fall my parents' muttering about my own impending doom are growing louder by the day... Owl's engagement was on friday night, and today my mama called with teh news that HIS son Vin too has declared his intention to marry his longtime girlfriend.. and seeing all and sundry relatives preparing has given my parents a panic attack, both about the 'age' bit (i'm only ^$$%#^&%%# 23 DAMNIT!!) and the fact that weddings these days are very very very expensive.. and whenever i laugh off their worries with a 'dont worry i'll elope and marry so u dont neeed to think about expenses", it does nothing but scare them even more coz hey.. they don't trust my choice.. not counting the fact that since i'm not seeing anyone, there isn't a possibility of me coming up with a 'suitable boy' anytime soon... and they're getting all jittery about the fact that i will be 24 when my law course finally finishes and have expressly forbidden them from mentioning the 'M' word with any seriousness to me till i turn 25.. and today dad came up with this.. "weddings are getting so expensive.. did u see what owl's parents and in-laws did for the engagement alone?"
deflated all my happiness and excitement about my bhai -ki -sagai i tell u... i'd been so happy before they sprung this conversation on me..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

back back back back back

so i went for a competition to kerala with rave n Sj.. and just got back this morning.. or last night.. whatever.. have tonnes and tonnes to write about.. frm my trip to the so called egyptian revolution and more.. but shall do so tomorrow i guess..
in other news.. i might begoing to watch Bryan Adams perform in Delhi tonight.. IF teh police lets teh concert happen!!!!!
though parents aren't happy that i'm making plans to go gallivanting off into teh night again right after coming back..but really.. BRYAN ADAMS!!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

my daddy strongest!

it makes for quite an interesting conversation when two people deliberately take sides that are opposite to their actual views.. poor dad has had to play devil's advocate coz i needed help in forming arguments for a moot court competition.. i'm seriously in awe of the man right now.. there was a point in the last few days when i felt like an absolute child again.. just listening to dad talking and thinking that papa knows absolutely everything in the world..
hopefully when i grow older and have kids of my own.. they will have such moments too.. :)