Monday, May 31, 2010


at home and wondering what to do.. now that my "dreamy" internship has fallen through..
guess this is the last time i'm gonna let the "adults" of my family take work- related decisions for me... i'd say decisions in general but that is something i know i'm too much of a chicken to do.. plus they ARE my parents and need to have some authority in my life..

blah di blah blah...

i guess i'm gonna spend june holed up in my room cursing the sun after all.. :(

Sunday, May 16, 2010

who dunnit

there's a contest on to solve a mystery story..  its been written by Ajay Nair ( )

OH and i hope the blogadda people would forgive me but i couldn't figure out how to add a picture from Pringoo..
so here's my take:

The most obvious interpretation would be that Lila committed suicide and orchestrated the whole charade of the party to get revenge for having tried to kill her in the past.. but I don’t think its that easy..

I think it was SIA…

Though the author thought that sia had escaped lila, she never had. Sia must have had to suffer the most from lila’s actions. It must have rankled in sia’s mind that lila’s life threatening disease got her undeserved sympathy..

As for the ‘how”… The story doesn’t mention how lila actually dies..

The ‘strange misshapen beads’ could be part of a bracelet that sia wore, and one of them was a capsule of poison.. when sia went in to see lila, she, like the author, must have expected an apology for all the damage caused over the years. Lila must have offered sia some tea as well, which she pretended to drink and then pretended to throw up..

while she did that.. she would have broken the bracelet and taken out the poison capsule..

She came out of the bathroom and accused lila of trying to poison her..

As she did that, she also slipped the poison capsule into the tea. Lila protested that she had not done any such thing, so sia asked her to drink that tea. Lila drank it and then sia took out the armband from her purse, and threw it at lila saying that she did not want to even keep her memento.
The bejeweled case had contained the bullet which R had used on her. Sia opened the case and emptied its contents, reminding lila that at the end she was left with no one who cared about her.

Sia came out of the room crying in anger.. Lila may not have cared to apologise for her actions but sia’s outburst had made her afraid of similar words from others.. that was the reason for her awkward behavior.

By the time everyone was ready to leave, lila could feel the effects of the poison… she felt hot and nauseous so she took off her scarf and threw it on the bed. Then she saw the cup and realized what had happened. She dropped the cup and fell onto the bed, her body pushing the scarf under the pillow...

Someone had killed her, “after all these years”.