Sunday, March 07, 2010

The man who can't be moved- the Script

heard this song today... and this story just wrote itself...

“caught pneumonia I guess.. crazy bastard… I offered to take him to the hospital.. but he just wouldn’t let me…”

“sat here and refused to move I tell u.. been here two weeks… all he did was sing bout that girl..”
“I know.. pretty in the picture,.. but cold hearted bitch I’d say.. left the boy at the altar..”
“whats sad is that no one came to get him away from here.. he’s such a sweet boy..”
“u know.. the missus and I had a bad fight last week.. and he pretty much talked her out of it.. told her all about how hard it was to find love.. she listened to him when she wouldn’t hear me out..”

The whisperers fell silent at the sound of the police car pulling up..

“alright folks move it.. why is there such a crowd here?” it was the rookie, showing off on his first day..
“this is it son.. the singer’s corner.. the guy I was telling u about on the way here” said the senior constable..
“god.. I’m inheriting that crazy guy from you??”

The protests of the crowd silenced him quicker than the somber look on his senior’s face..

"No boy.. you’re not.. he died a half hour ago.. that’s why we rushed from the station without the last cup of tea”

The two cops moved through the crowd towards the body.. someone had shaved him.. prepared him for burial.. his guitar beside him, the girl’s picture on his chest..

“Oh GOD!!!! Its him!” all colour drained from the rookie’s face as he knelt beside the body..
“u know this guy?”

“yes.. he’s my sister’s fiancĂ©… they had a fight the day before their wedding and she called it off.. he disappeared.. she couldn’t find him anywhere!”

“she what???”

Yeah.. she drove all over the city looking for him.. and…” he suddenly broke down crying..

“and … and she had a horrible car accident.. kept asking for him all the way to the hospital…”

He stumbled away from the stunned crowd.. the senior cop began to make arrangements for removal of the body.

“um.. sir?” it was the young couple..

“Shouldn’t we wait for her to come here? If she’s been searching for him..”

“she’s not gonna come..”

“well.. sure she’s in the hospital but someone from the family might..”

the policeman sighed..

“he’s got no family… and she died in that accident..”

Friday, March 05, 2010


it comes on suddenly.. like a fit that would send me falling to the floor, shaking like a leaf.. that makes me feel like i'll never be able to breathe again if this breath doesnt escape my lungs.. and i wheeze and puff and try to get it out but there's a vise around my lungs and there's nothing i can do but feel myself losing it.. hysteria overtakes conscious thought..

and then?
then i type.. or write.. i learnt a long time ago that putting words to feelings helps sort them out.. helps overcome them.. thats one reason i started this blog.. even if no one except a couple of friends who ocasionally remember it read it...  its still a place i can let things out in..


on a completely unrelated note.. i think i'm falling in love with hockey... been watching India in the world cup matches.. n even though the team got jacked by both australia AND spain.. it was fun to watch.. guess its  the publicity.. but ive been wondering recently just why ive never seen this game before.......