Saturday, February 13, 2010


petals are strewn around the floor as i walk in..  flickering shadows in the corners of the room.. an involuntary gasp escapes my lips at the sight of all the red color..

my husband's voice comes from behind the door.. my heart thuds in response...

"when did you get back?" i can hear the tremor in my voice..
he steps towards me.. i can feel my heartbeat pick up..

"does it matter?" his voice is low.. almost hypnotic
i cant summon the air to respond as he pulls me closer and his fingers entangle in my hair..

"i came back early coz i didnt want you to be alone on our first valentine's day as a married couple.. but i see you didnt miss me at all.."
the glint of the knife in the candlelight dazzles my eyes for a short second before i crumple to the floor.. right next to the bled out body of my lover...