Tuesday, January 12, 2010

har lamha kisi ki ankh se ek ansoo tapakta hai.. kabhi un ansuon ko hi zamin pe girne do.. shayad usi katre bhar paani se faslein lehleha uthein...

i dont know why i thought of this... droughts, farmers' suicides and rising prices in the country.. dad was ranting this morning about how some politicians and sugar barons are making money by hoarding food supplies...
its a crazy world...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

does it help??

there's a new trend on facebook this week... for women to write the colour of their bra (or a colour they find interesting for a bra) as a symbol of awareness about breast cancer, as their staus message... admittedly, i have followed the trend.. but i do have a few reservations about it..

1. how many women who have written whatever they have on their profiles are ACTUALLY aware of what breast cancer is and how to check for it??

2. how many women who have changed their status messages actually know what the trend really is talking about? so many ppl might just be doing it coz their friends are..

3. has anyone seen how many boys are discussing this trend and making rather stupid, rather lewd comments about it????? like.. they're having a field da discussing women's underwear coz it seems like fun to them.. there are guys talking bout teh kind of colours that their friends have mentioned, guys asking bout styles and making stupid comments about how 'stimulating' discussions about styles of lingerie is... i mean... guys get a life!!!! its supposed to spread awareness about cancer!!!!

does this little facebook game really help??

Friday, January 01, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well its nearly 4:30 am and the year's begun with a heck of  a lot of laughter and dancing.. considering what "they" say about the new year's eve.. i should have a fun new year ahead.. went for a big party tonight... again thanks to N.. we decided we'd be hanging out together no matter what we did this new year's and i got an extended invite to a party through her... it was quite an interesting experience..
amidst the bonfire and dancing and alcohol... there was an interesting interlude with two really drunken and rather silly young men who professed to be interested in flirting with us... as they tried to muscle in on dances and conversations.. we got a nightful of laughter and silly conversation.. here's to messieurs anand and anand who formed the main entertainmment on this new year's eve.. may you get a lot many more opportunities to talk ppl's ears off and leave them convulsing in laughter...

to everyone else... have an AMAZING new year people.. may 2010 bring all of god's grace on you all..
oh and a passing note to tinni... i had a longer conversation with cd tonight than i've had with you teh last coupla weeks... finish studying already... i miss you.. :(

have a fun new year all!! :)