Thursday, October 30, 2008

happily ever afters....

ive become positively addicted to teh Mills and boon romances... specially since the brief breakup... which is now back to normal... not so my addiction.. ive bought almost a dozen M&B books in the past month... guess reading about someone else's happily ever afetr makes u wannna believe u'll get your own...
speaking of happily ever afters.. i realised taht there is really no such thing... EVERY thing in life needs a helluva lot of work... n no matter ho whappy u think u are... something can aways go wrong... hm.... this is about the time ankit will tell me off for being lil ms. Murphy.

murphy's law: whatever can possibly go wrong, will.

th epast week something good's hapened... i met two oooooollldd friends from school.. hung out with them for coffee one day.. n had my first eveing out for drinks with friends... thanks to kalsi n sasthi... thogh NO thanks to tehm for showing up an hour late.. whiel i sat aroun in castle 9 n read yet another M&B that i bought while waiting for them.. with a bunch of guys sitting at teh next table taking turns to stare at me... hm.... AND i tried Vanilla flavoured Vodka!!!! i'd tried teh citus and orange flavours earlier but now i'm TOTALLY in love with the vanilla... its just sooooo delicious... we had a shot each.. kalsi ordered the green apple but i didnt even like the smell of that...
AND... i spent all afternooon yesterday lazing in the sun in my garden.... sleeping away teh revelries of Diwali...

so i guess i'm having a fun life after all....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


one of those days when ii generally decided to stay in office till 1030 so i could take the cab back home... i'm done with work n its only 930 rt now so i have an hour to kill... n being in one of my silly moods.. i dont wanna read the only book that i have in my possession.. Robert Ludlum's The Aquitaine Progression.. which, though engrossing, like most of ludlum's work is.. is tooo slow moving for my taste right now... wat i WANt as of this moment is to sit in a movie theatre and watch some silly movie and munch popcornn,... i'm waiting for dostana... John abraham looks SO delicious in the promos.... damn it... why did i have to use that word.... ????
i'm HUNGRY!!! n there's nothing available in the office canteen n i'm too lazy to get up n go to the dhaba outside to have paranthas.. too bad they dont have a phone in delivery system... considering the number of over worked journos around. they'd do a roaring business... er.. MORE than they already do...
let me tell u sumthin bout this dhaba... its owned by this nice sardarji who somehow remenmbers EVERY person who eats there by face n the paper they work in... he may even remember your name if u eat there often enough.. n he makes all sorts of paranthas.. n is open till MIDNIGHT!!!! however... what i crave right now is a nice slice of cheeeeesssyyyy pizza... but slice of Italy, which seems to be the only ppl who deliver stuff to my office is a bit pricey for my wallet right now... havent had time to visit the ATM...bless whoever it was who invented the idea of an ATM machine... i bet she's dancing around in the elysian fields right now with even the furies showering blessings and money on her... it does sound like a woman's idea... why bother waiting in the interminable lines at the bank, or for dad/hubby to open his wallet when u can get money anytime anywhere with a lil swipe of the card..
speaking of cards... i just realised that the ONLY day i get free before Diwali... is teh sunday when my entire khandaan will descend upon the house to have the diwali lunch... dont get me wrong... i LOVE my family and will not be cribbing at all when they all come... but WHEN do i sleep n shop n do all the diwali kinda things???? my friends are having a party at Z's on saturday night... teh office party is the same night... but thanks to teh lunch, there is an unshakeable parental veto on saturday night partying... HOWEVER.....
I'M GOING FOR THUNDER ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!! i think... IF there is no pressing office work... AND my boss agress that going to school to do a 'story' on western music competitions in delhi schools is a good enough idea to claim attendance at work... dont think i'll be able to put this on teh office tab though.... its not even a good story in my own head... BUT i'm still gonna go... even though it involves a two hour bus ride.. coz i'll be meeting a few old frenz and will get the opprtunity to sit in ye olde school canteen n have the chole bhature that make my mouth water at the very memory... hm.... funny thing is that most ppl from school would probably roll their eyes n say that they weren't even that good... its just that i have fond memories of that canteenm n the chole bhature... AND the band room right next to teh canteen where i've spent most of 11th and 12th... ssssiiiiiggghhhh... wish sap n sid were there too... hopefully malik will be tehre... n sasthi n kalsi n bhumi... i'm drowning in nostalgia.......

Monday, October 20, 2008

talk tonight

sometimes adreadful lonliness takes over... despite a life full of things to do... u miss talking.. one thing that is missing seems like a gaping hole in life... staying up half the night... wondering what to do... just coz its a habit now... n i dont know how to get rid of it...
donno why i'm mentioning this song in particular... seems apt somehow..

Talk tonight- Oasis
Sittin' on my own
Chewin' on a bone
A thousand million
Miles from home
When Something hit me
Somewhere right between the eyes

Sleepin' on a plane
You know you can't complain
You took your last chance
Once again
I landed, stranded
Hardly even knew your name
I wanna talk tonight
Until the mornin' light'
Bout how you saved my life

You and me see how we are
You and me see how we are
All your dreams are made
Of Strawberry lemonade
And you make sure
I eat today
You take me walking
To where you played
When you were young I'll never say that I
Won't ever make you cry
And this I'll say
I don't know why
I know I'm leavin'
But I'll be back another day
I wanna talk tonight
Until the mornin' light'
Bout how you saved my life(You saved my life)
I wanna talk tonight(I wanna talk tonight)
'Bout how you saved my life(I wanna talk tonight)
'Bout how you saved my life(I wanna talk tonight)
'Bout how you saved my life(I wanna talk tonight)
'Bout how you saved my life I wanna talk tonight

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i realised today just how far i can hate... and how much things change when you yank away the base on which they are built..

the shards of broken trust can pierce you at teh unlikeliest of times.. something that was so inherent a part of me is now gone.. and i cant recognise what i has been riped away from me..

doubt.. once banished.. now reigns supereme...

Thursday, October 09, 2008



after the end of something taht you said was your life..

after taking me to place where never thought i would be..

after turning my world upside down.

enjoy your liberation.. let me enjoy my hatred


shobho bijoya

The expanse of the flood engorged Yamuna seemed dwarfed by the sea of people on its banks today. The immersion of the Goddess Durga and Dashami celebrations today created a carnival like atmosphere on the Ghats where the Idols were being consigned to the waters.
Delhi is in the grip of festive fever and that was visible in the energy displayed by worshippers at various Puja Samitis in Delhi. More than 300 registered samitis exist in Delhi with a countless number of smaller, unregistered ones. And the local population, Bengali and otherwise, was out in full force to bid goodbye to the goddess.
At Pandals across Delhi, the idols were lifted onto trucks to the sounds of the Dhak (drums), cymbals, bells and pipes as people threw gulal and sindoor in the air and danced in front of the idol. The Chamur (decorations) on the drums swayed with the movement of the dhakis (drummers) dancing to the beat of their drumming.
Several thousand people gathered at each of the Ghats opened by the government for immersion. At the Okhla Barrage, Kalindi Kunj, people had come from as far as Dwarka and Gurgaon for the Bijoya Dashami celebrations.

Monday, October 06, 2008

truth and lies

what comes close really?
slowly your eyes left me there.. like life leaves a dying man.................
............. but as the man said.. when u've got nothing..
U've got nothing to lose...

i've read these words over and over again... written years ago by someone's hand.. when u've got nothing, You've got nothing to lose.....

I had everything... and ive lost it.. for no fault of mine..
because i couldnt see the truth behind the lies.. because i closed my eyes and let myself be tugged away beyond my own control.. because i didnt hear a cry for help where i should have..
because i refused to remember that prince charming was also a toad before the princess kissed him..

fairytales and stories.. half truths and white lies... accepting and rejection... whatever for???????
for the sake of hope.. That a happily ever after really exists...

welcome to the real world baby...