Tuesday, December 26, 2006

a long time ago..

why do i remember things tha happened a loooooooooong time ago??? a glance, a smile, a conversation, a dance.. thinking about a past that must be forever buried in the sands of time...
donno why i sound like an old old lady musing about her childhood... maybe its the cold, and the rain.... the sight of the vine outside my window swinging in the wind.. a hint of moonlight coming through..how many times did i watch the moon till late at night.. wishing that its cool light would stop the hot tears of pain from running down my cheeks...
being in touch with your past can hurt sometimes.. i guess it is better to forgive and forget.... but what do u do when there's nothing to forgive.. n u're not allowed to forget..??

i cant say i'm unhappy with my life now.. i have moved on with my life... my life now does not HAVE any space for the past.. the present and future are here.. beckoning at me to come and join hands with happiness. and i have... Ankit n i have been together for almost 14 months now..i'm with someone who loves and trusts me completely.... who i can trust with my heart n soul..who I can Love with my heart n soul..

n yet memories remain somewher deep down... of someone i loved but could never trust.. and of someone i trusted but could never love..