Thursday, December 29, 2005

im so lonely.....

okay... maybe i can use this as my diary... call me all selfish n boring or blah blah blah.... but im not really the type who'll take to news reporting online... thisll be like my diary... for my frenz to read through wen.. if.. they want...
rt now though.. i feel as if im totally friendless.... im sitting at home.. all alone.. even the maid is out on some errand.. there's nothing on tv worth watching.. all my frenz r busy doing something or the other... n i dont feeel like studying either..... random rants of a bored lil girl... thats wat this bit should be called i guess....ooooooohhh goddddddd!
im SO bored.

Monday, December 19, 2005

a tentative step

hi ppl!!!!
well... as so many ppl around me seem to enjoy writing their journals as blogs online... i thought i'd try this out as well... seems like fun.. so far..
um... wat to write. wat to write?????? anythinh that i want.. kinda complicated.. with so many things running thru my head at 1 go... its kinda tuff to xcatch my thoughts n put them down... no im no madwoman unleashing her insanity onto unsuspecting readers... im just a confused soul... pardon me..
well... all th ppl who know me already know wat a crazy character i am... n since all those whore gonna read this ARE my frenz in th first place... i dont think i have anything to worry bout..
just letting off steam after studying all mornning folks! yeha yeah... STUDYING.... jan tests in college r just 3 weeks away... n for th first time... im utterly unprepared n not in any mood to prepare either.... but still im getting panicky.. then i get lost in daydreams or fall asleep wenever i open my boox....